Your Career Path

  1. As a Career Advisor, you control your livelihood, working the hours that are most productive for your business. We work hard helping you develop your network and providing you with best-in-class training to meet the needs of your clients.

  2. High performing Advisors have the option of becoming Mentors. As a Mentor you take ownership of recruiting and developing new Advisors, while receiving income overrides for your efforts.

  3. District Managers are responsible for the performance and management of a team of Advisors. As a District Manager, you have the ability to hire your own staff and work in partnership with your team to meet strategic business goals.

  4. Regional Managers are appointed by the Vice President of Sales and oversee one or several agencies. As a Regional Manager, you are responsible for sales, growth and overall team performance. You will receive personalized support from Home Office associates, and the backing of a financial services organization with nearly $1.4 billion in assets and a proven record of success.



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