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Five Tips to Help Pay off Your Student Loan Debt

Posted by Catholic Financial Life

Jul 3, 2017 8:03:30 AM

While many college grads are starting their first real job, that’s not the only thing they might be starting… Student loan payments begin shortly after graduating. Many grads want to become debt-free as soon as possible but knowing how to do so isn’t always obvious.

Check out these five easy tips to help pay off your student loans sooner rather than later.ThinkstockPhotos-518338000.jpg

  1. Earn money on the side
    • Consider picking up a side job or starting your own side business and using that money only for your loan repayment. Use the income from your full-time job for other bills and spending habits.
    • Clean out your home/apartment by having a yard sale or sell things on Ebay. Not only will you earn some extra cash, but you’ll also feel better about having your home less cluttered.
  2. Prioritize and pick what you spend things on
    • Cut out unnecessary expenses such as TV subscriptions like Netflix or Hulu, eating out, frequent shopping trips.
  3. Refinance student loans
    • Refinancing your loan can mean a lower your interest rate, lower monthly payments, and possibly reducing the total cost of your student loan debt. It also has the ability to extend your repayment term.
  4. Don’t carry balances on credit cards
    • If you can’t afford something, wait until you have the money in your checking to pay for it instead of racking up your credit card bill.
  5. Consider enrolling in auto payments
    • Some organizations will give you a lower interest rate if you enroll in their auto payment program. This will also ensure you never miss a payment!


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