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Three Ways to Protect the Ones You Love with Life Insurance

Posted by catholicfinanciallife

Feb 13, 2012 5:10:51 AM

What if today was your last day? Would your loved ones know what to do? Having life insurance is important not just for yourself but for your family as well. Learn about life insurance and how you can protect yourself and your family. Determine how much insurance is right for you and your family, what type of life insurance best meets your needs, and start saving now.

Calculate How Much Life Insurance You Need

  • Think about your family when making this decision; evaluate their needs

  • Use a Life Insurance Calculator to help start the right financial plan

  • Plan on saving for future expenses such as education, retirement, and everyday living

Find the Right Life Insurance Plan

Term Insurance:

  • Meant for temporary protection

  • Coverage for a specific period of time

  • An affordable type of insurance

  • Important to know how long you need the coverage

Permanent Insurance is lifelong protection:

The Time to Start is Now

  • Be prepared for any situation, even when it’s something you don’t like thinking about.

  • Besides purchasing a life insurance plan, start budgeting, saving, and investing your money to help provide and support future expenses.

  • By starting now, find comfort in knowing your family is protected if something would happen.

For further information on Life Insurance, download a free eBook, 5 Tips for 30s-40s, from Catholic Financial Life or speak with a Catholic Financial Life advisor.

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