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Asking the Right Questions

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Sep 19, 2015 11:00:00 AM


When it comes to insurance, make the decision-making process a little less daunting by asking the right questions. During this process, sit down with your personal Catholic Financial Life advisor and consider the following questions:

    • Does your income fluctuate? If yes, how does that impact your short and long-term financial goals?

    • What plans do you currently have in place to make sure you reach these goals without taking on a lot of risk?

    • How much of the money you have set aside is subject to market fluctuations, inflation and taxation?

    • What financial role are you planning to take with your children’s/grandchildren’s education?

    • If you are a business owner, have you determined the value of your business if you wanted to sell it today? Are you aware of the most tax-efficient ways to transfer your business?

    • What income will you need during retirement to enjoy the same standard of living you are accustomed to?

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